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Ever since I can remember, I have been a dexterous creative, thrilled by any and all opportunities to use my hands to turn nothing into something. It is all the more exhilarating when it is something that benefits others. From math and science to art and literature, there hasn’t been a subject I haven’t traversed, basking in all that the universe has to offer for the sheer pleasure of adventure and discovery. Coming from a rich heritage of elders and ancestors that were everything from craftsmen such as carpenters and potters to scholars including educators and devout clergymen, these diverse gifts were passed on to me by way of an affinity for healing and artistic influences. This is how Millenheirs was born, a fusion of the past and the present as an heir, preserver, and propagator of the holistic arts and crafts. Millenheirs is an eclectic lifestyle brand founded on the belief in the principles of holistic health, sustainability, self-improvement, serving others, and spiritual enlightenment. We combine a wholesome approach to healthier alternatives with stylish designs and entrancing scents of nature’s finest gifts to inspire the divine in us all. We create and sell all-natural handcrafted unisex personal care items, men's grooming products, crystal jewelry, ceremonial aromatherapy products and more. From metaphysical tools to stylish accessories we seek to establish ourselves as your go-to for all things natural while promoting holistic well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. A passion for herbs and indigenous healing, therapeutic grade and essential oils, crystal and gemstones, metals, woods, and resins is evident in each of our captivating creations. It all begins with a change of mindset to open yourself up to new experiences and positive vibes, all towards embracing a healthy lifestyle. We all know from basic science that all matter is made of atoms. Quantum theory suggests that all particles and the space between consists of energy. Thus, everything consists of energy. It is therefore paramount to maintain a healthy existence with a healthy human body resonating at a frequency of 62-70MHz. A drop in the frequency heralds an opening for diseases, bacteria, and viruses to wreak havoc within our bodies with each having its own low frequency. However, it is possible to influence your energy field. There are several ways to hoist your vibrational frequency including through water consumption, ingesting higher frequency foods and herbs, using essential oils, meditating, using crystals, and more. Understanding this, our products are intentionally purposed to uplift and enhance your vibrational state of being, promote balance, and elevate your wellness as we also incorporate astrological and biophysical elements of the Universe such as Earth/ North, Fire/ South, Air/ East, Water/ West, and Spiritual Force/ Aether. Moreover, we seek to empower you to take charge of your life by controlling your immediate environment so that you can live vibrantly, love hard, and be encouraged-to stand in your greatness divinely guided, divinely protected, and divinely elevated!

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