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This all-natural mask uses Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay to clear and enhance complexion. The activated charcoal helps to  extract impurities, remove bacteria, excess oil and toxins without over-drying skin but seaweed, aloe, and vitamin E to repair skin cells, restore moisture and firm skin. Our new Activated Charcoal Seaweed & Aloe facial cleansing mask is paraben free, chemical free, and made with botanical extracts to assist with fighting acne and inflammation. For a wonderful detoxifying mask, apply this product to oily to combination skin types after a good wash. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and massage in circular motions until all remnants are  removed. Use 1-2 times per week. Made with essential oils, it also works as a great exfoliant for sensitive skin as well!


Activated Charcoal

Kaolin Clay


All natural Ingredients

Contains Vitamins

Cruelty-Free/No animal testing

Activated Charcoal Seaweed & Aloe Cleansing Facial Clay Mask

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